How We Can Help You Run Your Business Like Before During Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the way we live and work. Every industry sector has been affected badly because of lockdown and other precautionary measures taken by the authorities across the world. Technology giants like Facebook, Google, and Amazon have implemented remote-work policies to prevent the outspread of the novel coronavirus. Many other companies also follow the suit.

But, here the question arises, what is the most useful or productive way to maintain productivity and continue business as usual in such troubled times? The answer is outsourcing. It is a cost-effective option to ensure the safety of your employees while maintaining productivity. All you need to find a reliable outsourcing development partner. You can make the most of technological advancements by outsourcing several projects.

We facilitate our global clientele with high-quality software to implement work-from-home strategy effectively. Be it maintaining productivity, fulfilling the commitments, or accomplishing the project on-time, our robust app solutions are always useful for corporate clients to achieve the common goals. High-quality services, client satisfaction, on-time delivery, and eye on every detail have made WebOccult a trusted outsourcing partner globally.

IT Outsourcing — Introduction and Importance

Outsourcing is a process done through an agreement between two companies in which one company hires another company for accomplishing planned or existing projects. IT outsourcing is done for completing technology-related tasks like web and app development, social media management, IT support, etc. In a way, an outsourcing development partner can help the client complete various revenue-driven tasks.

In today’s challenging scenario, remote working or working from home has become a new norm. Entrepreneurs like you have to consider many aspects before outsourcing your company’s projects. It is better to take the following aspects into account while assigning the project to an outsourcing development partner.

  • Find out whether the task is a primary service and beneficial for your company
  • Identify tasks to outsource that can enable you to focus more on other core activities
  • Define tasks that can be accomplished more efficiently by an outsourcing partner
  • Check whether the task is for one time

Many companies tend to outsource repetitive tasks for maintaining their productivity and complete critical tasks on time.

Key Business Benefits of IT Outsourcing

The IT services outsourcing can get you access to the other side of the world. You can hire talent at a relatively low price and keep the operational cost low. It results in significant cost-savings. There are no overheads for infrastructure and other IT-related facilities. As a result, your business can save big over the period.

For example, the mobile app development company based in India takes $25 to $50 an hour, whereas, the US-based app developer will charge you around $100 to $150 an hour for developing customized app solutions.

You can assign your project to the outsourcing development partner to get access to experienced professionals. You may not hire skilled professionals in or nearby your location, but outsourcing can make it possible for your business. What’s more, your company can have an office in the country where you can expand business in the future with the help of diverse talent.

From hiring to training, staff selection needs a lot of time and effort at every stage. While outsourcing your project to an IT company, you can easily save this time. There is no need for advertising and interviewing candidates as well. Your outsourcing partner can handle all these aspects professionally. Simply put, you hire developers or IT professionals who are on the payroll of the outsourcing partner.

Another benefit of outsourcing is a timezone advantage. Suppose, your office is in the USA or the UK and you outsource your project to an Indian company. It is obvious that the Indian outsourcing company will work when your office hours are over because of the time zone difference. As a result, you can focus more on the outsourcing project.

IT outsourcing is flexible as you can hire as many professionals as necessary. Also, scalability enables you to either increase or reduce the size of your outsourcing team. As a result, you can accomplish your tasks in a given time and maintain productivity. During the situations like lockdown or working from home due to current COVID-19 pandemic, IT outsourcing can be a wise decision for your company because

  • You can secure the health of your employees
  • You can meet deadlines for various projects
  • It promotes uninterrupted workflow

Round-the-clock work on your various projects is possible thanks to IT outsourcing. As mentioned above, it is a time zone difference that enables you to implement an uninterrupted workflow. You can also stay connected with your offshore team after office hours and make sure that your project is accomplishing properly.

Outsourcing Trend to Consider — Team Augmentation

The team augmentation model is designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your existing team. When you hire dedicated developers for accomplishing projects, your company can get the following benefits-

  • Flexible hiring models
  • Access to a big talent pool
  • More operational efficiency
  • Higher scope for expansion and adaption
  • Sustainable management
  • Save big on overheads

You can find many success stories based on IT outsourcing. Alibaba and Slack are two major examples that highlight the importance of outsourcing in collaborative work and business growth.

Concluding Lines

COVID-19 pandemic is responsible for bringing a halt in many business operations worldwide. However, technology-driven processes can be run smoothly by outsourcing them in this grim situation. Time is just right to make a wise decision to keep the growth of your business on track. If you miss this time, your company may struggle a lot to survive and thrive.

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