Link your HubSpot CRM to your email

Easily link your mailbox to your HubSpot CRM. Take advantage of all email tracking and alerting features with this integration.

HubSpot is considered the best performing free CRM in the software and application market. Among its many features are the linking and integration of HubSpot with your email. In this article, discover the best tips for linking your Hubspot CRM to your email.

HubSpot CRM in a nutshell

  • E-marketing enthusiasts should all have an idea of ​​how the Hubspot CRM performs. It is a powerful platform with almost limitless possibilities. HubSpot can be linked to your mailbox but also your Gmail and Outlook calendar. You will therefore be able to manage your sales team quickly and efficiently. You also have carte blanche in the management of this plan.
  • You will also have the opportunity to receive a notification whenever a prospect opens one of your emails, clicks on a link, or downloads an attachment. All information relating to prospects will be notified to you.
  • Thanks to Hubspot, you will save time since all documents and texts entered manually will be automatically saved to your account. In other words, you will be able to recycle your old documents to reuse them in different contexts.
  • You will not forget any task since the CRM is equipped with a feature allowing you to help you manage your tasks. Some of them can even be done automatically.
  • You can also create Hubspot email templates and thus work on the design of your emails directly from Hubspot to share them with your team. You will then keep a certain similarity within your team.
  • Finally, you can take stock of your performance and that of your team thanks to the KPIs, which are directly available in the “Analysis” tab of your Hubspot emails.

Know the name of the server hosting your email

There are also online recognition tools such as MxToolbox. To use the latter, open

You will then insert the email domain in the Domain name field. It is important to make your note that the email domain is the small address after “@”; that is, if your email address is, then your email domain is It’s that simple.

After entering your domain:

  1. Click on MX Lookup. You will then obtain all the information concerning your email provider.
  2. Note that if your email provider is neither Google Apps nor Office 365, you can connect your account via IMAP.
  3. Note, however, that HubSpot does not support ActiveSync.

How to connect your Gmail account to HubSpot?

To connect your Gmail account, open the “settings” menu from your HubSpot account. On the left, you will see a side menu. Go to Integrations, then to Email integrations. You will then see a menu asking for confirmation to connect an inbox.

You can then select Google / Gmail on the dialog box. A confirmation will then be displayed, and you will click on Continue. You can then enter your email address.

The browser will automatically open a small tab asking you for permission from HubSpot to access your Google Account. A notification will confirm access to your account.

You can also add the Gmail integration on Hubspot to centralize all of your customer interactions.

How to connect your Office 365 account to Hubspot?

You will click on Office 365. Information and notifications will appear after your choice and then choose Continue. You will be able to enter your email address, that of your Office 365 account. You will be automatically redirected to the connection settings to confirm the connection. You will then receive information ensuring the success of your connection.

How to connect your IMAP inbox?

Don’t hesitate to check HubSpot’s privacy. Note, however, that you must connect an inbox hosted by Gmail or Office 365.

Here are the steps to follow to connect your IMAP inbox:

  • As for the integration of the two email accounts, go to settings from the top right corner, then choose Integrations and Email integrations.
  • Click on Connect an inbox and select “Another mail account.”
  • You will be informed of the various information concerning the connection. If you are still ready, click Continue.
  • You will then enter the email address, as well as the password in the specific fields. Likely, HubSpot will automatically detect your account details. In this case, you will click on Advanced options to then enter your server information. If you want, you can select the “Allow an unsecured certificate if necessary” box.
  • Click on Connect Inbox

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